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Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in agricultureland developmentcoastal areasriver banks and construction. Effective erosion controls handle surface runoff and are important techniques in preventing water pollutionsoil loss, wildlife habitat loss and human property loss.

Erosion controls are used in natural areas, agricultural settings and urban environments. In urban areas, erosion controls are often part of stormwater runoff management programs required by local governments. The controls often involve the creation of a physical barrier, such as vegetation (hydroseed), to absorb some of the energy of the wind or water that is causing the erosion.

Grassroots Environmental Specializes in: 

  • Hydroseed

  • Hydromulch

  • Hydrostraw

  • Straw Blowing

  • Straw/ Compost wattles

  • Silt Fencing/ Safety Fencing

Please contact us to discuss your project.


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